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Format: HB
ISBN: 9780979188220


Length: 30 pp

Publication date: July 1, 2017

Wipeout the Wave

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‘Billy Baldwin has made learning both fun and fantastic… I thoroughly enjoyed Wipeout the Wave and recommend it to children aged 5-12, so that they may learn to both love and enjoy the beauty of the oceans and what lies within them.’ - Readers’ Favorite, Five-Star Review


Get ready to ride Wipeout the Wave – a heartwarming journey of self-discovery as Wipeout embarks on a quest to find where he truly belongs.


Feeling different and lonely, Wipeout sets off across the Seven Seas in search of waves like him. It's not until he meets Surfer Steve in the North Pacific that Wipeout's adventure takes a meaningful turn. Join them on an epic journey to the Wave Council of the Seven Seas, where Wipeout finally finds the answer he's been seeking all along.


Written by award-winning author Billy Baldwin and beautifully illustrated by Liesl Bell, Wipeout the Wave is a tale of friendship, self-acceptance, and the power of finding your unique place in the world.

Benefits and features


  • For any reader that’s ever felt like they don’t fit in - a story of hope and acceptance

  • Beautiful, vividly colored illustrations make the story sing through and create a book to treasure

  • Perfect for fans of Giraffes Can’t Dance

  • A stunning addition to all bookshelves for readers aged 5+

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