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Awards & Reviews

As our list grows, our stories are connecting with more and more readers.

See what people are saying about the books below!

The Last Leaf

'My mind is blown by the strong and powerful messages contained within this book… The Last Leaf's tale comes complete with stunning illustrations which are bright and bold, just like Crinkle, and carry a theme to show that in Nature, nothing ends if it is nurtured.

I found myself smiling throughout each and every page of The Last Leaf, and recommend this book be stocked in school, home and kindergarten libraries, in order to teach self-empowerment at an early age.’


- Readers’ Favorite, Five-Star Review


I thoroughly enjoyed The Cookie That Saved Christmas and wholeheartedly recommend it to be read to and by children aged 5-12, so that they can also build wonderful memories of the Christmases in their days to come.’


- Readers’ Favorite, Five-Star Review

The Cookie That Saved Christmas

Wipeout The Wave

'Billy Baldwin has made learning both fun and fantastic… I thoroughly enjoyed Wipeout the Wave and recommend it to children aged 5-12, so that they may learn to both love and enjoy the beauty of the oceans and what lies within them.’


- Readers’ Favorite, Five-Star Review


'Al has a new way of solving problems and mysteries. I enjoyed Al’s creative adventures. Billy Baldwin’s That’s Al is full of humor, as well as science... This book will help children understand their friends and classmates who solve problems differently. Highly recommended.'

-Readers' Favorite, Five-Star Review

That’s Al!

Story Glass

'...a sumptuous middle-grade fantasy… A vivid story for young readers with just the right amount of danger.’ 


- Kirkus Review

‘Liesl Bell's wonderful and colorful illustrations breathe life into this adventure story and make the characters and the scenes vivid and palpable. The illustrations also add to the magic, whimsy, and enchantment of the story and will keep readers glued until the end… I enjoyed this book thoroughly and children will enjoy it too.’


- Readers’ Favorite


‘Children will love pouring over the intricate images of the fantasy world and the creatures that inhabit it.’


- Reader’s Choice Awards 

‘...the most out-there children's Halloween book you're likely to see.’


- East Hampton Star

Orbit’s Monster Nebula

The Boy, the Mermaid, and the Storm 

‘A strange and special fairy tale that will resonate with many readers’


- Kirkus Reviews


Cookie Island


'The stunning illustrations capture the essence of this charming, funny, and memorable story. Children will love this book instantly. The unique characters and lovable protagonists are adorable. The plot has amusing, sad, and riveting moments that hold the attention of young readers from beginning to end.


Find inside information on the plants that form the ingredients in cookies. Billy explains the production involved in the making of chocolate, where cinnamon comes from, and how people harvest it. Overall, this book is a gem. It has recipes of delicious cookies to bake and enjoy. It's a storybook, cookbook, all-in-one.'


- Readers’ Favorite, Five-Star Review




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