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Format: HB, PB
Hardcover: ISBN: 9798329433302
Paperback: ISBN: 9798329433784
Size: 6 x 9 x 0.6 inches

Length: 164 pp

Publication date: July 13, 2024

The Seven Snowflakes of Christmas

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Embark on a heartwarming adventure in "The Seven Snowflakes of Christmas" where the festive spirit collides with mystery and magic!

When Nicholas discovers that Christmas has been banned in the chilly town of Crowsfoot Hill, he refuses to let the icy grip of Ms. Crouch dampen his holiday cheer. Teaming up with spirited orphan Anna, they set out to defy the ban and restore joy to their community.

But their quest takes an unexpected turn when a clumsy maintenance elf named Noop crash-lands from the North Pole right into Nicholas' backyard! Now, with time ticking away, this unlikely trio must unravel the town's enigmatic history to uncover the truth behind the Christmas ban.

As they race against the clock, will Nicholas, Anna, and Noop manage to ignite the holiday spirit in Crowsfoot Hill before it's too late? Join them on a whimsical journey filled with laughter, friendship, and the magic of Christmas. Will their efforts be enough to light up Noop’s Spirit Meter and save Christmas from extinction, or will Ms. Crouch succeed in extinguishing their festive dreams for good? Find out in this enchanting tale of courage, hope, and the power of believing in miracles.

Benefits and features


  • Heartwarming Adventure: The book promises readers an emotionally resonant journey filled with warmth and joy, perfect for capturing the spirit of the holiday season.

  • Themes of Friendship and Courage: Through the characters of Nicholas, Anna, and Noop, the story emphasizes the importance of teamwork, friendship, and bravery, offering valuable life lessons for young readers.

  • Overall, the book provides a delightful blend of entertainment, inspiration, and holiday magic, making it a must-read for children ages 8-10 and families alike.

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