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Format: HB
ISBN: 9780997697001

Length: 29 pp

Publication date: December 1, 2016

The Last Leaf

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Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards Winner


‘My mind is blown by the strong and powerful messages contained within this book… The Last Leaf's tale comes complete with stunning illustrations which are bright and bold, just like Crinkle, and carry a theme to show that in Nature, nothing ends if it is nurtured.


I found myself smiling throughout each and every page of The Last Leaf, and recommend this book be stocked in school, home and kindergarten libraries, in order to teach self-empowerment at an early age.’ - Readers’ Favorite, Five-Star Review


Step into the enchanting world of The Last Leaf, a beautifully illustrated tale of courage and triumph over adversity. Join Crinkle, the misshapen leaf on The Great Oak Tree, as he defies the odds and proves that even the smallest amongst us can achieve greatness.


As spring blooms, the other leaves mock Crinkle for his unusual appearance, predicting his early fall with the first gust of wind. But if Crinkle is to have any chance of winning the prestigious Last Leaf competition, he must summon his courage. 


Gus, the biggest leaf, shares a secret with Crinkle that gives him hope - but can he hold on and defy the leaves around him? 


The Last Leaf is a heartwarming story of resilience and the power of self-belief, reminding us that conquering our fears and defying expectations can lead to extraordinary accomplishments.

Benefits and features


  • For all readers facing challenges and persevering 

  • Featuring gorgeous illustrations in every shade of fall from the vivid imagination of Liesl Bell

  • A classic-in-the-making for readers aged 5+

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