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Format: HB
ISBN: 9780979188213

Size: 12.0 x 1.5 x 9.0 inches

Length: 213 pp

Publication date: July 20, 2019

Story Glass

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National Indie Excellence Awards Winner


‘...a sumptuous middle-grade fantasy… A vivid story for young readers with just the right amount of danger.’  - Kirkus Review


‘Liesl Bell's wonderful and colorful illustrations breathe life into this adventure story and make the characters and the scenes vivid and palpable. The illustrations also add to the magic, whimsy, and enchantment of the story and will keep readers glued until the end… I enjoyed this book thoroughly and children will enjoy it too.’ - Readers’ Favorite


Embark on a spellbinding adventure with Story Glass – a captivating tale where magic and time collide. When Jen unwittingly makes contact with a mystical Story Bottle, she finds herself thrust into the past, discovering that the bottle's enchantment binds her fate. To journey home, Jen must conquer five perilous challenges, each more treacherous than the last.


Guided by a troupe of fairies, Jen must confront her deepest fears while also facing the malevolent master of the Story Bottle - a wicked wizard who will stop at nothing to protect his secrets from being revealed. Will Jen summon the courage to find her way back home, or will she remain trapped in the sands of time forever?


Story Glass is an ideal chapter book for early readers, a mesmerizing blend of magic, courage, and the power of storytelling.

Benefits and features


  • Get ready to fall down the rabbit hole and adventure with Jen!

  • Liesl Bell’s magical illustrations bring the words on the page to life, adding depth and excitement to this creative adventure

  • Perfect for fans of Alice in Wonderland

  • A future classic for readers aged 8+

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