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Not only does William Baldwin’s tale about a leaf that is different teach empowerment against bullies, but also shows that regardless of your differences to those around you, all of us have inner strengths which can take us to great places. - Rosie Malezer, Good Reads


Winner of the 2017 Silver Moonbeam Children's Book Award, THE LAST LEAF  is an inspiring story of the rise of an underdog whose difficult situation sets the stage for his surprising triumph. Dazzling illustrations by award winning illustrator Liesl Bell depict beloved Children’s author Billy Baldwin’s encouraging tale about a little leaf that overcomes adversity through a combination of his tenacious spirit and powerful determination.


Reading The Last Leaf will help those who face difficult challenges recognize that roadblocks can in fact make us stronger and better than we might otherwise be. The story begins on a fine day in early spring.  The newly sprouted leaves on The Great Oak Tree laugh when they see a small misshapen leaf blossom on their branch.  The bright green leaves tell this odd leaf, named Crinkle, that he will surely blow off the tree with the first strong wind of the season.  Crinkle is filled with fear until he is reassured by Gus, the biggest leaf, that when a leaf falls its energy is pulled right back into the tree to then sprout again the following spring. Though he doesn't fit in with the other leaves and is teased due to his strange shape and color, Crinkle discovers he has more strength and more courage than any other leaf on The Great Oak Tree.

Through the rainy season, blustery Northeastern winds, and the bitter cold, little Crinkle holds on to his branch and endures a lonely winter to become the winner of the annual Last Leaf Competition.


When the next spring arrives Crinkle blossoms again only to learn that something wonderful can happen when you conquer your fears, strive to do your best, and defy all expectations.  Crinkle’s tale reminds us all that being an underdog is not an excuse for failure but rather an invitation to triumph!

The Last Leaf

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