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The Cookie That Saved Christmas is a delightful story for children and adults who yearn to be captivated anew by the simple joys of the Holiday season. Delightful illustrations by award winning illustrator Liesl Bell bring to life beloved Children’s author Billy Baldwin’s uplifting tale about courageous children overcoming adversity through a combination of clever thinking and Christmas Spirit!


Reading The Cookie That Saved Christmas will transport you to a simpler time when all that was needed was a bit of imagination and creative preparation to help ignite the festive warmth of the Holiday season.


On a bleak and cold Christmas Eve Dirk, the hero of this story, arrives at Crowsfoot Hill Orphanage where children are sent when they have nowhere else to go.   The orphanage is cold and bare without a single Christmas decoration to welcome Santa.  Dirk and his new friend Anna stumble across a secret trap door and discover the mystery behind why Christmas was banned from Crowsfoot Hill.  Determined to bring the joy of Christmas to his new home, Dirk creates one of the most beloved Christmas traditions of all time.


Experience the wonder of the holiday season as you read how Dirk’s love for Christmas and clever thinking combine to create The Cookie That Saved Christmas

The Cookie That Saved Christmas

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