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The Boy, The Mermaid, And The Storm is a modern-day fairytale about the battles we face through life's storms.  A Boy sets sail as he does each dawn, but this day is like no other: a storm has come. Battling the wind and waves he is overwhelmed.  From the deep a mermaid carries the boy to The Island Of The Eye.  The mermaid explains it’s the boy's time to face the storm and her time to guide him through it. The only way home is for the boy to make it through the stormy darkness.


Together, the boy and the mermaid sail into four overwhelming challenges, each one testing all the boy's strengths and beliefs. “No storm is stronger than you”, The mermaid tells the boy.  Wedged between wind and wave the boy feels powerless, but faces the wall of water, nonetheless. Attacked by a Sea Dragon the boy battles physical and mental exhaustion. Tricked by the storm the boy must trust his will & spirit to survive. Finally, the storm declares its absolute power and tells the boy his futile attempts to survive are in vain. About to give up, the boy comes to understand the power and strength of the Mermaid's words and defiantly tells the storm: "You may claim my last breath, but you will not claim me!"


This beautifully illustrated story will encourage people who are struggling through unprecedented challenges to find strength - as well as to uplift the selfless people who are committed to helping them. This book may be a useful aid for parents in talking through the subjects of illness or endurance  with their children. Perhaps it will be just the right gift for a friend who is facing her own personal storm or a caregiver who could use a dose of gratitude for his unconditional generosity.  Most certainly The Boy, The Mermaid, And The Storm should help everyone to remember: "No storm is stronger than you!"

The Boy, The Mermaid, and The Storm

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