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The perfect monster-filled gift for little readers who love Halloween and want to design their own monsters!


In a far away galaxy, on planet Gorgon, lives a family of monster-makers called the Astroblasts. Combining science and the arts, the family creates  monsters that are masterpieces of scariness. Orbit is the youngest member of the Astroblast family and is the most talented monster-maker of them all, with over 100 of her creations housed in the Great Hall of Monsters!


Continuing her family’s tradition of creating a good scare, Orbit designs all kinds of monsters on her Holographic Illustration Simulator, choosing talents like fire-breathing and flying and deciding on important, scary details like tooth size and numbers of eyeballs. Once her monster design comes to life, Orbit trains and cares for her monster like any responsible creator.


One day, one of Orbit’s monsters is blamed for the mysterious disappearance of galactic Prince Obi. Fearing for her monsters’ safety, Orbit launches an escape ship and hides from space hunters in the Milky Way Galaxy. Spotting a beautiful planet with blue waters, green lands, and mysterious costume parades she lands and sets her monsters free...


Orbit’s Monster Nebula is a thrillingly creative illustrated book full of monsters – some familiar, some wholly original – that will inspire little readers to tap into their own monster-loving creativity!


Orbit's Monster Nebula

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