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Picture Books for Children

Magical Picture Books for Children of All Ages

At Billy Baldwin Books, we have stories for children of all ages. Our picture books help foster creativity and learning skills that will benefit them for life. As a child, Billy battled with dyslexia and reading was quite difficult for him. Billy worked hard to overcome that battle and facing his learning challenges helped equip him with a lifelong love for reading and writing.

Billy Baldwin Stories promotes that love of reading and imagination for the next generation through magical picture books you kids can get lost in. Children today have so many stimuli that compete for their attention - it can be tough to get them to focus on educational content that will help their intellectual growth. One of the best gifts a parent can give a child is a love for reading - something they can carry with them their entire lives.


Some of the most popular billy Baldwin picture books for children include:

  • The Boy, the Mermaid, and the Storm

  • That’s All

  • Wipeout the Wave

  • The Cookie that Saved Christmas

  • The Last Leaf


All Billy Baldwin stories feature outcast characters engrossed in a world of magical realism. Our books are entertaining and engrossing whilst still containing some important underlying messages that will educate and inspire kids to develop their own talents. Billy's books give kids medicine along with the candy. All our picture books are set in fun, exciting worlds, and touch upon larger themes that will help kids think creatively.


If you’re in the market for magical picture books to give to your children you are in the right place. Give your child a gift that will inspire them, not just stimulate them. After they read one of my books, they’ll want to read them all!

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