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Kids Books

Picture Books and Middle-Grade Chapter Books
for Parents and Educators

A book is a gift that keeps on giving. If you’re uncertain what to give as a gift to the child in your life, invest in their education and imaginations at a price that is affordable. At Billy Baldwin Stories we have books for early education as well as middle-grade chapter books, and no matter what your child is interested in, we have a book they’ll love.


If you’re a teacher and you need engrossing material to share with your students, look no further. Billy Baldwin Stories has a variety of books that contain positive messages to help children learn values they can carry with them throughout their lives. It’s never been harder to be a teacher. If you are in search of kid’s books that will keep your students entertained and enthralled, you have visited the right place.

All of our stories are inspired by Billy's childhood struggles with dyslexia. While initially frustrated by his inability to read as quickly as other students, Billy eventually learned to harness his creative powers to fuel his imagination. That is a central theme that runs through all of Billy's stories. The underdog is always celebrated and our hero's harness what makes them unique to overcome the challenges they face.


We want to share that journey with children everywhere to inspire them to discover their unique gifts. Our illustrations, by Liesl Bell – an award-winning illustrator from South Africa - bring compelling visuals to all our stories. Together, Billy & Liesl have published several highly acclaimed picture books and middle-grade chapter books.


We are working on new projects every day and will continue to release timeless stories your child will love. Visit my website to check out my full assortment of kid’s books. I have something for children of all ages, and I promise that once you buy one of our books your child will want to read them all!

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