The Boy, the Mermaid, and the Storm

A boy sets sail as he does each dawn, but this day is like no other: a storm has come. Battling the wind and waves he is overcome.  From the deep a mermaid carries the boy to the Island Of The Eye.  The mermaid explains it’s the boy's time to face the storm and her time to guide him through it. The only way home is for the boy to make it through the stormy darkness. Together, the boy and the mermaid sail into four overwhelming challenges, each one testing all the boy's strengths and beliefs.

“No storm is stronger than you”, The mermaid tells the boy.  Wedged between wind and wave the boy feels powerless, but faces the wall of water, nonetheless. Attacked by a Sea Dragon the boy battles physical and mental exhaustion. Tricked by the storm the boy must trust his will & spirit to survive.

Finally, the storm declares its absolute power and tells the boy his futile attempts to survive are in vain. About to give up, the boy comes to understand the power and strength of the Mermaid's words and defiantly tells the storm: "You may claim my last breath, but you will not claim me."

The Boy, The Mermaid, And The Storm  is a modern-day fairytale about the battles we face through life's storms.  I created this book to help adults and children alike discover the courage and inner strength we all possess to persevere and to remember all the 'mermaids' who help to guide us.

A fairytale about battling life's storms

The Boy, the Mermaid, and the Storm


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When Jen unknowingly touches a magic Story Bottle she is transported back in time. Frightened and desperately wanting to get home to safety, Jen soon realizes she's bound by the magic of the bottle. The only way home is to complete five challenges, each one more dangerous than the last. Guided by a group of fairies, Jen must not only face challenges designed to play on her worst fears, but must also conquer the master of the Story Bottle. This evil wizard will stop at nothing to keep his story from being told. Does Jen have what it takes to get back home or will she be lost in time for eternity? Will she risk everything to beat the wizard or will his secret remain hidden in the Story Bottle forever? Story Glass is an ideal chapter book for early readers.


"... I found myself smiling throughout each and every page... and recommend this book be stocked in school, home and kindergarten libraries, in order to teach self-empowerment at an early age."

-Rosie Malezer, Readers Favorite

Award winning middle grade picture book

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That's AL!

Al looks at the world in an unusual way.  He feels anything mechanical needs modification, that hiking trails need detours and the laws of gravity must be tested.  A good dose of imagination fuels most of Al’s thinking. Al's parents and the local townsfolk worry that his wild, unpredictable behavior only creates mischief & mayhem.

One day, Al spots a baby whale beached on the shore.  For Al, saving the whale is another adventure.  For his parents and friends, this becomes a glimpse into Al’s world - and a lesson that Al’s take on life may just make the world a better place.  This exciting story, which alternates between the way Al sees the world and the way everyone else sees it, is sure to spark the imagination of every young child.