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Childrens Books

Give Your Child the Gift of Reading with Creative Children’s Books

Kids have so many things vying for their attention these days – from social media to video games – it can be hard to get them to focus on things that will nurture their minds and creativity. My name is Billy Baldwin and I write children’s books to help educate and inspire the next generation. All of my books are fun and creative, yet offer an important lesson, so children can learn while having fun. All my stories celebrate the underdog and depict situations where the hero learns to use their unique gifts to overcome adversity. All of my stories are based on some personal experience. I was diagnosed with dyslexia from an early age and I struggled to read as a child. I had to work very hard to do what came naturally to most of my peers, but I eventually used that as a creative advantage. Now I write children’s books to help the next generation discover their inner strength and fall in love with reading.


If you’re looking to shop for children’s books this Christmas, visit my website. I have a variety of different stories that are perfect for children of all ages. This year give your child a gift that will not only entertain them, it will educate and inspire them as well. With so much going on in the world, it’s important to encourage children to pursue activities that will help them make sense of the world. All my stories are rooted in the idea that adversity can be an advantage if you learn to harness it to help you achieve a goal. When you’re ready to shop for children’s books, visit my website. I have something for everyone and no matter what your child is into, I know you’ll find something they’ll love.

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