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Beautiful Books for Children

Beautiful Books for Children with an Inspiring Message

Great children’s gifts can be hard to find. While it’s important to buy your kids things they will like, it’s also important to invest in their education. At Billy Baldwin Stories, we create beautiful books for children that offer the best of both worlds – entertaining stories that contain educational and inspirational themes. We believe the best lessons come in forms that don’t appear to be overtly educational. It can be difficult to get your child to fall in love with reading when they are forced to do so in school. But when you buy them a beautifully illustrated book that captures their imaginations and touches on important themes, it’s much easier to get them hooked.


Billy Baldwin Stories make great children’s gifts because they are so visually appealing and their stories mesmerizing. The talented illustrator Liesl Bell has won several awards for her work. Bell is based in South Africa and started her career as an illustrator working for major corporate companies like IBM and Xerox. After a fruitful career in New York City, she moved back to South Africa to follow a passion for creating children’s books. Billy & Liesl have worked together on several books and together they bring stories to life with vivid detail.


If you are in search of a gift for the child in your life, visit Billy Baldwin Stories online store. The gifts of imagination and insight, and a love for beautiful books, will last a lifetime.

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