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Format: HB
ISBN: 9780979188244

Length: 29 pp

Publication date: October 1, 2020

The Boy, The Mermaid and The Storm

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Brave the waves of The Boy, The Mermaid, and The Storm by award-winning children's author Billy Baldwin.


As dawn breaks, a young boy sets sail, unaware that a storm looms on the horizon. When the tempest engulfs him, a mysterious mermaid emerges from the depths to guide him to the enigmatic Island Of The Eye with a powerful message: ‘No storm is stronger than you.’


From battling towering waves to facing a relentless Sea Dragon, the boy must find his inner strength to defy the storm and survive.


Illustrated in impactful black and white, The Boy, The Mermaid and The Storm reminds us that courage and resilience can weather any storm, and offers solace in challenging times.

Benefits and features


  • The perfect story for anyone needing to find strength in challenging situations

  • Beautiful and unusual black and white illustrations from Liesl Bell add an unforgettable resonance to the story

  • A classic-in-the-making for readers aged 5+

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