"Jen peeked from under her arms.  "So I'm stuck in an adventure story?  I don't like adventure," she whimpered, trying to catch her breath.  "I can't do this!"

"But, young one," Gleeby said, lifting his hand to her cheek "life is an adventure." "

Meet Jen,

A reluctant adventurer....


"I've traveled the Seven Seas, ziggin and zagging, but I haven't found any waves like me. I just don't fit in."

Travel the Seven Seas with WIPEOUT  to help him discover why he is so different from all the other waves. Experience the joy when Wipeout discovers the reassuring answer he's been looking for!

Watch out... here comes WIPEOUT!


Experience the wonder of the holiday season as you read how Dirk's love for Christmas and clever thinking combine to create THE COOKIE THAT SAVED CHRISTMAS !

On a cold and bleak Christmas eve, Dirk arrives at an orphanage where children are sent when they have nowhere else to go.


THE LAST LEAF, is a beautifully illustrated story about a special leaf whose courage and tenacity helps him overcome defeat.  This is a story that expresses triumph over adversity and celebrates the underdog.

- Booklife Review

A tale of triumph over adversity

and the celebration of the underdog!